Thomas L. Tanous, Jr., MD
  • Direct anterior hip replacement

    An increased
    feeling of well-being

  • Computer navigated surgery

    Successful treatment
    outcome with
    eminent resources

  • Partial knee replacements

    Freedom of movement

  • Revision arthroplasty

    Regain functional
    outcome and pain relief

  • Ligament Sparing Knee Replacement

    Ligament Sparing
    Knee Replacement

Patient Testimonials

  • Keturah is caring, patient, understanding and goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we as patients are fine.
    By - Amanda
  • I was a patient in Seattle and I worked in the surgical services department as an R.N. with Dr. Tanous in Seattle. He is kind, dedicated and consistently enthusiastic as he strives for the best outcome for his patients. While treating me for a torn meniscus he diagnosed a potentially life threatening sarcoma in my leg . That day he had me consulting with an oncology/orthopedic specialist and I received radiation and surgery and avoided an amputation. This was 18 months ago and I still work 12 hour shifts. Unfortunately for Seattle Dr. Tanous returned to Texas and I miss him.
    By - Barbara G
  • Dr. Tanous communicated very clearly from our first visit. His evening “Joint Camp” provided excellent information. He answers all questions clearly with a comforting attitude. He listens and takes the necessary time to hear us. We never felt rushed. More importantly, 10 months ago, I had a knee replacement. Dr. Tanous communicated well from the pre-op appointment to the three post-op appointments. He is relaxed and friendly and I felt very comfortable and secure in his care. The information he provided answered my questions thoroughly. My knee is great. I am sorry I waited so long.
    By - Agnes C
  • One of my first comments to Dr. Tanous was “knee pain with every step.” At two weeks post-op I still make that comment. However, this time my pain is expected as a part of the stages of healing following a total knee replacement. I should know because this is my third TKR! Having had my first two in another State 6 years ago and now being new to the Pacific Northwest, I found myself a bit leery of searching the Internet for a reputable Orthopedic Surgeon. As fate and a bit of luck were on my side, I found the Bone and Joint Center of Seattle. So, doing a bit of networking and reading, I called the Center and within a week I was sitting in Dr. Tanous’ office. Dr. Tanous not only read well on paper but in person he quickly put me at ease with his knowledgeable hands-on experience with knee problems. He put me at ease and after a couple of x-rays and a bone scan, I was off to surgery! I never doubted I was in the right place under the care of the right surgeon.
    By - Irene J